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komment team

We fashion ourselves after a highly-productive athletic team that takes pride in tackling the most complex challenges in developer productivity with drive and discipline.

Eyes on the goal. Clarity in our minds. Intensity in our execution.

We are // Komment.

Our Mission
Boosting dev productivity everywhere
We strive to empower every developer on the planet to focus on the creative, enjoyable and ultimately fulfilling aspects of software engineering.
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Our Principles
How we cultivate a culture of excellence
Strive for the highest standards
Quality means doing it right when no one is watching.
Discipline beats motivation any day
Be consistent, be punctual and pace yourself. Prove — don't promise.
Work backwards from the customer
Proactively seek opportunities to improve user experience.
Speak up and communicate
Challenge others and be ready to be openly challenged.
Be humble and open to guidance
Regard critical feedback as an opportunity for growth.
Take ownership of the product
Assess the long-term effects of actions on the company.
A place for missionaries — not mercenaries
Honed at the world's finest organizations
Benefits We Offer
There's more to Komment than meets the AI
Fully Remote
Freedom to work from a place that best suits your lifestyle.
Flexible Hours
Set a schedule that harmonizes work with your personal life.
Flexible PTO
Unplug as you need and observe the holidays that matter to you.
Competitive Salary
Attractive compensation well above the local average.
Co-working Spaces
Unlimited access to a shared workspace close to your home.
Career Development
Growth opportunities customized to your long-term goals.
Employee Incentives
Equity options and bonuses that reward your commitment.
Hardware Bonus
Purchase a new workstation of your choice every two years.
Regular Offsites
Meet the team in-person for some hardcore work and fun times.
Ready to join the forefront of DocOps innovation?

No open positions

We still welcome initiative applications! If you believe you could be an asset to Komment's mission, send your CV to with a note on why you'd like to join us.