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More than just AI

Tailored algorithms with built-in QA

Komment offers far superior performance and privacy control over generic language models — ensuring your software docs stay accurate, fresh and helpful

public static void fib (int n = 10) {

  System.out.println("Fibonacci Series till " + n + " terms:");

  int firstTerm = 0, secondTerm = 1;
  for (int i = 1; i <= n; ++i) {
    System.out.print(firstTerm + ", ");
    int nextTerm = firstTerm + secondTerm;  
    firstTerm = secondTerm;
    secondTerm = nextTerm;

In-Code Comments
A devops approach to docs

In-Code Comments

Meaningful annotations for computationally interesting entities across your git repositories.

Get structured help in the middle of action.

Supercharge your IntelliSense.

User API Docs
Documentation that converts

User API Docs

Crisp and clear documentation that reflects the most recent changes to your business logic.

Complete with helpful examples and snippets.

Activate your users quickly.

Architecture Diagrams
Consistent 30000-foot views

Architecture Diagrams

Dynamically generated system summaries for a continuously updated overview of your codebase.

Understand and audit your security posture.

Eliminate documentation drift.

Dependency Graphs
Boost dev productvity

Dependency Graphs

Interactive up-to-date visuals to debug, monitor and plan around inter-module connections.

Confidently trace information flow across projects.

Dependency charts you can rely on.

Documentation on steroids

Precision-engineered for effortless automation

Komment is powered by an army of finely calibrated processors that are purpose-built to write sophisticated technical docs from scratch.

Batteries included orchestration

Seamless integration with your chosen tools

Komment plugs into existing development workflows right out of the gate and fully automates the creation, management and maintenance of all your technical docs.

A single pane of glass

Share knowledge without lifting a finger

All documentation produced by Komment is immediately available on a dedicated portal for easy, secure and continuous enterprise-wide access.

Docs without third-party dependence
Documentation on autopilot

Docs without third-party dependence

Separate out signal from noise with the most hands-free solution to
generate enterprise-grade technical documentation

Komment has massively accelerated our engineering by automating software documentation for us. We have a tremendous amount of older code, including many projects migrated from old source control systems. Komment provides developer-friendly details on what the code is really intended to do — far more meaningful than other tools out there — and streamlines my team’s ability to support & maintain legacy environments. Wholeheartedly recommend.
The forefront of DocOps innovation
Memory optimized automations

The forefront of DocOps innovation

Komment regularly monitors, benchmarks and incorporates the latest advancements in academic research so your technical docs continually improve in the background

Ironclad code privacy

Built for the most privacy-centric organizations in the world, Komment processes all data entirely within the bounds of its deployment.

Protect your intellectual property with a solution that never stores, shares or reveals your code.

Document software without exposure to external vendors.

Continuously synced

Komment keeps track of deltas in your codebase and automatically re-documents your software when it detects divergence between code and docs.

Just connect and forget — Komment will keep your documentation always updated and dependable.

See your docs evolve unassisted as your code changes.

Infrastructure agnostic

Komment is designed for broad compatibility across various combinations of popular git platforms, cloud environments and on-premises architectures.

Discover a frictionless way to produce and consume meaningful documentation.

Minimize impedance to your development workflow.

Cross-team standardization

With Komment, teams can maintain a uniform style of documentation across their entire codebase without increasing developer workload.

Centrally manage the tone, depth, freshness, format and coverage of docs from a single dashboard.

Customize output to fit your specific needs.

Unparalleled performance

Packed with bespoke heuristics and focused algorithmic guardrails, Komment documents software just as an experienced developer would.

Leverage a custom-built point solution for technical docs that vastly outperforms off-the-shelf LLMs.

Komment is more than just AI.

Broad range of docs

Komment structures information in various forms and layouts so your technical docs can simultaneously cater to a diverse range of job roles.

Generate in-code comments, API docs, READMEs, architecture diagrams and much more.

A single producer for all your docs.

Goodbye technical debt

Future-proof your intellectual capital

Transform software docs from chore to assets with the most
comprehensive documentation engine on the market

The definitive solution for
production-ready docs

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