Komment secures $1.3M in pre-seed funding

Announcements | October 9, 2023

Ever since our inception, we’ve received resounding validation from our users on Komment’s invisible approach to making technical documentation effortless for organizations. Today, we mark another significant milestone in this journey.

We are thrilled to announce our pre-seed funding of $1.3 million, led by Craft Ventures from San Francisco, with participation from Alumni Ventures, Target Global and select angel investors across US and Europe.

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Documenting the Codescape

Some 27 million developers across the world produce over 93 billion lines of code annually — the vast majority of which go undocumented.

Adi Singh | CEO, Komment

Founded by Adi Singh, a Stanford University alum and former Amazon engineer, Komment automates the tedious task of explaining the whatwhy and how behind an arbitrary piece of software. It allows developers to focus on the innovative aspects of coding instead of frequently taking out time to write fresh, high-quality documentation for their projects.

By plugging right into existing developer workflows and automatically staying synchronized with code changes, Komment cuts technical documentation costs by over 95% compared to manual methods and delivers an impressive 21x return on investment to customers.

Enabling Operational Scalability

Documenting code is more crucial than ever in today’s hybrid software development environment. Well-written comments serve to bridge gaps between time zones and project phases; simplifying collaboration and accelerating time-to-market for software products.

Automated documentation workflows set up via Komment enable dev teams to better scale, maintain and optimize their codebase, and retain hard-earned insights about the code even as key contributors move on.

Users can thus simultaneously mitigate the impact of staff changes, facilitate quick new hire onboarding, and altogether eliminate the problem of outdated documentation — all while adhering to the strictest standards of security and data privacy.

Security Through Self-Sufficiency

Data security is a core tenet here at Komment. We take pride in differentiating ourselves through our focus on enterprise-grade self-hosted solutions.

Komment’s isolation-centric architecture resides and operates completely within a customer’s existing infrastructure, with zero reliance on any third-parties. No client code is ever exposed to external vendors (or even to the team at Komment!), effectively nullifying exposure to any data breaches, security leaks or other losses of privacy.

Enterprises using Komment become entirely self-sufficient in generating and managing their technical documentation.

The Path Ahead

With our first round of funding settled, we will now focus our sights on supporting deployments for the Big Three cloud providers, expanding language compatibility and amplifying our outreach efforts. We plan to expand Komment’s capabilities — starting off with features most commonly requested by our beta users — and scale our infrastructure to serve a larger audience.

Investing in well-documented code is an investment in your organization’s future efficiency, productivity, and scalability. We at Komment are steering towards a future where developers are unfettered by the chains of manual documentation.

We invite you to walk this exciting path alongside us!

Komment is currently live for beta testing and available for free to open-source projects. Engage with us, join our beta and discover how Komment can enhance your DevOps workflow today!